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03/03/2019 - Shoot Summary

A quiet shoot this morning with many put off by the awful weather forecast which never really happened. A big thanks to those diehards who turned your support is appreciated.


Stand 1 – Left-Right Looper followed OR by Away Bird

The looper was a fantastic target side on and nice and close, shouldn’t have caused you too many problems. The away bird was again straight forward enough but you had to be on them quickly as they were travelling pretty fast.


Stand 2 – Offset Away Bird followed OR by Left-Right Crosser

The away bird appeared off the right shoulder and rapidly flew down the valley, a very fast target but hittable if you got on it quickly. The left-right crosser a much easier proposition, crossing slowly in front of the stand and taken easily just off to the right.


Stand 3 – Driven Away Bird followed ON by Long Incoming Driven Bird

A nice easy stand today, the away bird behaving more like a DTL target, early acquisition meant that a straight at it shot saw it break. The incoming bird was fantastic, watched it coming in from Marsden before it stalled high above the stand, these targets weren’t just hit they were dusted more often than not.


Stand 4 – Left-Right Rabbit followed OR by Fast Away Bird

A deceiving stand, both targets looked much easier than they actually were, the rabbit was a fast bugger which made it a tricky target and the away bird again bloody fast making it much harder than the other away birds on the shoot today.


Stand 5 – Right-Left Quartering Bird followed OR by Right-Left Quartering Bird

Not much difference between the two one slightly more crossing than the other but both nice and easy. Many of you turning in a perfect 10 here.


A number of personal bests this week:

John Bennett                         41/50

Ryan Dowd                            35/50

Justin Henthorn                     46/50

Catherine Longton                 34/50

Peter Walshaw                      35/50


Top Gun this time.

Tom Oliver 47/50


Well done you guys, see you all at the next shoot.


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Running Hill Clay Pigeon Shooting Club is situated in the picturesque hills above Uppermill and Diggle within easy commuting distance of Oldham and Manchester.

We boast a membership of more than 100 regular clay pigeon shooters who make use of the challenging and varied english sporting clay shooting layout. Our clay shooting layout changes each shoot and comprises of Bird, Teal, Rabbit and Looping clay targets.

Our facilities are available to members and non-members alike, for details of our membership and entrance fees take a look at our Membership page. Don't worry if you do not own your own shotgun, the club has a limited number available for guests to use.

We run several special events throughout the year such as "250 Bird Flush" and the ever popular "Farmers Shoot". If you are looking for a friendly, safe and challenging club then this is the place for you, all membership enquiries should be directed to our Club Secretary.

So if it’s a clay pigeon shooting club based in Saddleworth near Manchester and Oldham you’re looking for then why not give Running Hill CPC a visit. Our friendly and welcoming members will have you shooting in no time.

We offer a limited number of corporate days for company team-building exercises and groups to experience the sport of clay pigeon shooting, click here for more details.

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